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The Terex Advantage

The Terex Advantage

Terex cranes are some of the biggest and most sought-after cranes the world over, and no one offers more Terex boom cranes than Giuffre Bros. As a matter of fact, Tom Lindback, Terex’s Director of Sales for North American Markets, confirms that the Giuffre Bros is the largest dealer and distributor of Terex boom cranes in the industry. Terex cranes deliver an unmatched matched range of lifting capabilities to help you get your lifting jobs done easier, faster and more cost effectively than any other booms on the market.

In addition to selling cranes to Giuffre Bros. that we install on our trucks, Terex also mounts cranes for us, factory direct. The proximity of the Terex plant in Waverly, Iowa makes it easy for us to schedule frequent visits to collaborate on special equipment and pick up completed boom trucks.

This advantage provides our customers with the added benefit from quality oversight, volume purchases and fast delivery. All of our stock boom-truck models feature Terex cranes and are available from 17 to 35 ton capacities.

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